Terms & Conditions


The Company Camplitude is represented by “us”, “we”, “our” “the company” or “Camplitude”

The Customer is represented by “you” or “the customer”

Any goods or services provided to you from or by Camplitude are represented by “Equipment”, “Services”, “Tasks” or “Goods”

The festival and duration of time that the agreement is valid for is represented by “the/an Event” or “the/a Festival”

The terms and conditions which apply to your booking will be those terms and conditions applicable at the time of the booking subject to any variations notified to you in advance of an Event.


You agree that you have power to enter into this agreement

We have the right to use permanent employees, temporary employees, self-employed contractors or any other type of employee, and we have absolute discretion as to which of our employees or staff are assign to perform which tasks or services.

‘Camplitude’ is a trademark of Camplitude Limited

We will not under any circumstances be liable to you or be in breach of contract or these terms if there are delays or failures in performing any obligations or tasks set by us or you, if the delay or failure was caused by forces beyond our control. These such circumstances include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, including natural disasters, government action, terrorism, strikes, war and civil unrest, power or electricity failures.

With the exception of cases in which fraud is being investigated, these terms and conditions represent the entire contractual obligation between parties that supersedes and overrides any such previous agreement, including marketing information, verbally or written.

According to Contract Act 1999 (Rights of Third Parties), no third party who are not directly involved in this agreement can enforce any of the terms in this contract.

All parties agree that all terms are fair and reasonable in all circumstances.

These terms are valid and enforceable in accordance to English and Welsh Law, both parties agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

We will be entitled to take action for any whole or part breaches of this contract at our discretion.

Terms of Services Goods and Equipment

Details of all the Services and Equipment we can provide to you are available on our website. The Services and Equipment are subject to change without prior notice.

The images on our website are for purely display purposes only and may not be the exact product you recieve

The description of Goods is as displayed on our website, and we will endeavour to supply said Goods in accordance with your booking, however at times due to unforeseen circumstances or unavailability soe goods and services may not be exactly as displayed. In this case we will attempt to provide you with alternative goods or services that are similar specifications and quality to the ones you originally booked. If this is not possible, you will be notified at least 24 hours before the event and cost price of said Goods will be refunded.

If upon arrival at the event, the Equipment provided has a technical fault, not aesthetic faults, that would stop the Equipment performing efficiently, you should notify one of our staff immediately within 8 hours of the start of the event and we will use reasonable efforts to resolve issue or change the Equipment as soon as is possible and practical for our staff. If you fail to notify our staff within the timeframe then we cannot guarantee that we can make any changes or supply you with new Equipment.

If at any time after you arrive at the event, damage to your equipment as a result of your actions or of others using your Equipment with consent (both actual and implied) occurs, you must notify one of our staff immediately. If deemed by our staff that replacements may be necessary we will use reasonable efforts to change or repair the equipment as soon as is possible for our staff.

All equipment will be left and returned to us in the same condition as when we provided it, subject to wear and tear and reasonable use at the discretion of our staff.

We may retain the credit or debit card details provided to us at the time of booking and reserve the right to deduct further payment towards the cost of repairing or replacing Equipment that was damaged while in your care.

The Equipment and Services provided to you will be available for the duration of the event unless otherwise specified at the time of booking on the website.

The services and Equipment provided are subject to the Event’s opening and closing times, and customers will not be permitted to use any services or equipment before the Event has officially opened. All equipment must be returned before the Event’s official closing time.

All equipment that is provided by us is and will remain our property at all times unless explicitly stated by us in writing to you. Our website will expressly contain details of, if any, complimentary items provided by us for you to keep.

All use of the equipment is to be as intended for their original purpose and shall be kept in good condition throughout the duration of the entire event. You shall not change, tamper with, modify, or alter any equipment in any way without our prior consent.

Any Equipment we provide is suitable for the weather conditions described and recommended by the manufacturers guidelines and cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered as a result of unforeseen or adverse weather conditions.

Code of Conduct

Camplitude and all of its partnering Festivals and Events adhere to a zero tolerance harassment policy, and will not accept any mistreatment, harassment or disrespectful behaviour to our staff or other users of our services in any situation. This includes but is not limited to all staff, security and other festival crew. Should you display any anti-social or otherwise abusive or disturbing conduct of any kind we reserve the right to refuse to provide any Services or Goods with no refund and you may be asked or escorted off of the premises.

The agreement for use of Goods and Services is solely for you and for those whose behalf you have made the booking. You shall not allow or enable anyone else to have access to or use the Goods and Services provided by us unless we have explicitly allowed you to in writing.

We will not be held responsible for any property damage or theft or loss (directly or indirectly), including consequential loss or damage, such as lost opportunity lost reputation lost profit, lost bargain, loss of anticipated savings or any other caused by negligence of our employees, agents or other staff.

Our monetary liability (excluding personal injury or death caused by negligence) to you is capped and limited to the total amount paid for your booking.

Bookings and Payment

All bookings of our services must be made online via our website at least 24 hours before the start time of the event. There will be no Services or Equipment available to purchase on the day of the Event.

Prices are applicable to your booking at the time of payment however prices are subject to change without notice. Price changes will not affect you after you have already booked and paid.

Payment must be made in full by credit or debit card at the time of booking

When full payment has been cleared, we (or our partners) will send you an email containing booking confirmation and unique reference number. This number pertains to your whole booking and must be kept and presented on your arrival to the Camplitude site. Without this booking reference and/or sufficient ID or proof of booking, we cannot guarantee entry to our site or use of goods, services or facilities.

At this time, you may not amend your booking after the fact.

Cancellations and Refunds

You may cancel your booking and relinquish the right to use our Goods and Services at any time prior to 24 hours before the start of the Event

To cancel your booking you must do so by emailing us, include your booking reference and details, along with your contact information

The cancellation fees are as follows:
More than 14 days prior to the start of the event = Refund minus cancellation fee of 10%
Less than 14 days prior to the start of the event = Refund minus cancellation fee of 50%
Less than 7 days prior to the start of the event = No automatic entitled refund, refunded at our sole discretion.

The Event

The Events for which you hire and use our Goods, Services and Facilities are in no way owned, operated or guaranteed by us and we accept no responsibility for any part of the Event other than the Services we provide to you.

Without prejudice to the above clause (40), some services we provide to you may be via third parties, including but not limited to the companies operating the Event itself. If problems arise with any such Services customers are advised to alert a member of our staff who will intern liaise with relevant third parties as quickly as possible and practical for our staff. We will endeavour to help and support such third party in the resolving of any issue, but cannot be held responsible for any failures on their behalf.

Each Event we attend may have its own individual rules and regulations that are separate to our own. Just because you have used Camplitude at an event before with one set of rules, does not mean these rules are automatically enforced or allowed at another event.

We advise and strongly recommend to customers that they carefully and thoroughly read the Event’s own terms and conditions as well as Camplitudes, as the Event may have policies that impact specifically the customers that are camping, for example, what is allowed to be brought into the camping area. When this is applicable we will try to inform you in advanced, however cannot be held responsible for any monetary loss for items being refused entry.

We will not be held responsible for the actions of other individuals attending an Event that have an impact on your fulfilment or enjoyment of said Event or Services, whether or not said individuals are also using our Goods or Services

If an Event is cancelled for any reason by the Event organisers, we will issue you a full refund

If an Event is abandoned mid Event for whatever reason and you have already started to use our services, any refunds given will be at our sole discretion

Purchasing Camplitudes Goods or Services does not automatically entitle you entry to the Event itself or any facilities not provided by ourselves. You will need to purchase Standard Camping tickets as well as General Admission tickets or equivalent in order to gain entry into the event.